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Xpressar RCS100 – Perfect workstation for creative professionals and VFD computer engineers

Xpressar RCS100, the world first micro refrigeration system, has received wide adoption from worldwide partners and leading system builders. Xpressar RCS100 is a minimized refrigerator’s cooling system, and has build-in frequency conversion module to adjust the system temperature accordingly, to remain constant temperature. With its superior thermal performance and reliability, many system builders have considered it to be their most high-end workstation’s cooling solution.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is one of the branches of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the millions of calculations required to simulate the interaction of fluids and gases with the complex surfaces used in engineering. The softwares such as Fluent, FloTHERM and Icepak, are require massive complex computer calculation. On the other hand, creative professionals such as 3D modeler and video/music editor, when they rendering very complex graphics, their CPU calculation is quite heavy, too. Therefore, the calculation process will produce lots of heat energy inside computer; they need a good thermal solution to avoid system crash.

When the workstation combined with Xpressar RCS100, its ambient temperature will not increase after long time operation, that’s the most distinguished difference that make system builders decided to bring Xpressar RCS100 to their workstation product lines. With constant ambient temperature, the fatality errors of computer systems have effectively reduced.

With Xpressar installed in your workstation, the computer crash hazard will no longer bother you!

More info, please visit www.xpressar.com