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Xpressar video released – Overclocking ablity compare with liquid cooling

Temperature is always the most critical issue when overclocking. But now, you have no need to worry about it anymore. With Thermaltake Xpressar, the world first micro-refrigeration cooling system, overclocking has been made easy for you!

In order to provide a easy overclocking environment for user, Thermaltake has made Xpressar modularized and costumed it into Thermaltake’s best selling case – XaserVI. User just needs to place their motherboard and CPU in correct position and fasten it, the system is all ready for overclocking with superior cooling performance.

Compare to liquid cooling, Xpressar’s performance is better with 20 degrees difference. With such result, everyone could easily overclock their system! Below link shows the video released by Thermaltake:

Xpressar RCS100 – The overclock performance reveals