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Xpressar RCS100 – Effective cooling with two phase change

Phase-change cooling is an extremely effective way to cool the processor. A vapor compression phase-change cooler is a unit which usually sits underneath the PC, with a tube leading to the processor. However, Thermaltake Xpressar takes different approach to minimize the compressor and put it inside the computer, which effectively reduced the unit size. Inside the unit is a compressor, the same type that cools a freezer. The compressor compresses a gas which condenses it into a liquid. Then, the liquid is pumped up to the processor, where it passes through an expansion device; this can be from a simple capillary tube to a more elaborate thermal expansion valve. The liquid evaporates (changing phase), absorbing the heat from the processor as it draws extra energy from its environment to accommodate this change. The gas flows down to the compressor and the cycle begins over again. This way, the processor can be cooled to temperatures ranging from 10 to 50 degrees Celsius, depending on the load, wattage of the processor.

This type of cooling is seen as a more extreme way to cool components, and it’s effective and energy saving as well. If you need an extreme cooling, get a Xpressar today!.

For more information, please visit www.xpressar.com