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Xpressar RCS100 – Operate with micro rotary compressor

The most common compressors used in chillers are reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal, and scroll compressors. Each application prefers one or another due to size, noise, and efficiency and pressure issues.

In Xpressar RCS100’s case, Thermaltake chooses rotary compressor and reduced its size and place it into chassis.

When the refrigerant enters the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed by rotating roller inside the cylinder. The partially surface of roller is always contacting with the wall of the cylinder, because of that rotates eccentrically (off-centre) around a shaft. Meanwhile the blade with mounted spring is also contacting to the roller. These two contacting points will create two sealed areas of volume inside the cylinder. When in the suction process, the intake port will opened and the refrigerant will be sucked into the cylinder. While the roller continues to rotate, the volume of area will getting smaller and refrigerant will be compressed to higher pressure. When in the discharge process, the high-pressure refrigerant will force the exhaust valve to open than exit to compressor.

Because of the suction process and discharge process occupied contiguously at the same time, it will decreases friction and vibration and also prevents the leakage of refrigerant during compression. This gives much efficient operation and quieter than conventional reciprocating type compressor.