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XPRESSAR – Thermaltake's Ultimate Over-Clock Gaming Platform

After four years of painstaking research, Thermaltake has finally got this beast ready for the market! It is not just another launch of new products, but one latest PC cooling technology; XPRESSAR, utilizing the world’s first DC inverter type micro refrigeration cooling system, is Thermaltake’s ultimate over-clock gaming platform!

You must have many question marks in your minds after all these phrases and titles; nevertheless, Thermaltake has got everything about XPRESSAR revealed on its exclusive website at http://www.xpressar.com. From the basic theory, design principle, technology details, technical specs to photos of XPRESSAR, everything you need to know about this new winning tool of all topnotch overclockers is lively demonstrated in the website.

However, in short, XPRESSAR, this world first DC inverter type micro refrigeration cooling system customized for PC chassis, has minimized the compressor widely applied in air conditioners and refrigerators commonly seen in our everyday lives, and placed it inside the computer case to cool the extreme heating sources of your systems. The built-in intelligent IC controller, the part making this news valuable, will then be keeping the temperatures constant and stable to preventing condensations at the same time.

Thermaltake has always been known as one leading quality brand in PC cooling Hardware market. Their outstanding achievements on product innovations have kept the market growing continuously over the past few years, and this time, Thermaltake introduces the most advanced technology breakthrough with their ultimate over-clock gaming platform --- XPRESSAR; justifying Thermaltake’s leading position in the PC cooling hardware market once again!