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Rolling Piston Compressor - The key component in Xpressar RCS100

Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100’s key component is compressor, a mechanical device compress the gas and changes it from low pressure to high pressure. It’s most important component in the Xpressar RCS100’s refrigeration cycle. In Xpressar RCS100’s case, Thermaltake chooses Rolling Piston Compressor because the benefit of good performance and small size.

Rolling pistons can readily be designed to operate at speeds greater than those of reciprocating pistons; this makes it possible to reduce sizes and weights of moving components without reducing throughput.

The lubrication requirements of rolling-piston compressors appear to be minimal; a rolling-piston compressor can operate satisfactorily, without a sump, when lubricated by a small amount of oil (an oil mist) circulated with refrigerant.

Rolling-piston compressors are also quite tolerant of the entry of slugs of liquid - refrigerant or oil or both. Thus, in comparison with other compressors, rolling-piston compressors function with less dependence on precise control of liquid inventories.


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