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Xaser VI black edition – The best companion for Xpressar™ RCS100

Xpressar™ RCS100 is a product that consist of compressor cooling module and computer chassis. The cooling system is the world first micro refrigeration cooling system. The chassis, is Thermaltake’s best selling chassis ever, the XaserVI.

The XaserVI has been customed for Xpressar™ RCS100, the color of it is all black. Following the design concept of sport cars, users can expect new aesthetic experiences from Xaser VI. The innovative designs provide independent thermal solution for VGA, CPU and HDD section, while the cable management design improve internal airflow and enhance overall thermal management.

The top sliding hood allows easy access to the extra storage space for small tools and accessories. Internally, the PSU supporting bridge, removable HDD cage and motherboard tray have all been re-designed to achieve smarter and easier installation process. In order to allow enthusiasts to be the trend setters with Thermaltake creations, Xaser VI will be the only case in the market that equip with 10 PCI slot and 14 drive bay to support extreme expandability and user friendliness.

With such innovative features, no doubt that XaserVI black edition is the perfect suite for Xpressar™ RCS100.