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The design principle of Xpressar™ is from refrigerator’s cooling system. Refrigerators work by the use of compressor operating in a vapor compressor cycle. Thermaltake has minimized the vapor compressor system and place it inside computer chassis to cool computer’s CPU. The vapor compressor system has build-in frequency conversion module to adjust the system temperature accordingly, to remain constant temperature.

Refrigerant is in low pressure liquid state, so it is easy to evaporate at low temperature in the cold plate as heat added.
The heat dissipation of CPU/GPU is absorbed by refrigerant, and refrigerant evaporate to vapor state.
Refrigerant becomes vapor state but keep low temperature. (Heat changes the refrigerant state, not increase the refrigerant temperature.)
The compressor has two functions:
1. Compress the vapor and increase the vapor pressure, so the vapor is easy to condense as heat dissipated in condenser. (Hint: High pressure vapor is easy to condense.)
2. Make the refrigerant move in the loop.

As the mechanical work (energy) is applied to the vapor, the vapor temperature and pressure are increased simultaneously.

The function of condenser is to dissipate the heat of refrigerant.

The vapor state refrigerant is condensed to liquid state at high pressure as the heat is dissipated by condenser.

The function of expansion valve is to reduce the refrigerant pressure, make the liquid state refrigerant is easy to evaporate in the cold plate. (Hint: Low pressure liquid is easy to evaporate.)