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You can find Xpressar™ FAQ related information here.

General Questions :

1. Does Xpressar™ RCS100 need maintenance?

Ans. Under regular operation, Xpressar™ RCS100 has three year warranty for the case and two years on the cooling module. And the cooling module is maintenance-free (No re-filled needed).

2. Can Xpressar™ RCS100 operate 24hours non-stop?

Ans.Yes, Xpressar™ RCS100’s compressor has been tested in labs, it can run 24hours non-stop without problem.

3. Does Xpressar™ RCS100 makes loud noise?

Ans. Xpressar™ RCS100 does not make much noise when it’s operating; its acoustic is even lower then air-cooling fans.

4. Does system build with Xpressar™ RCS100 guaranteed overclock above 4Ghz?

Ans. The overclock range is determined by CPU and other hardware, Xpressar™ RCS100 provides optimal thermal solution, helps CPU operate in very low temperature.

5. Does Xpressar™ RCS100 system can operate constantly after overclocking?

Ans. Xpressar™ RCS100 provides optimal thermal solution for best overclocking platform. If the CPU’s temperature is keeping below 40 degrees, the system can operate normally.

6. Will Xpressar™ RCS100 damage your motherboard or VGA because of the condensation?

Ans. The Xpressar™ RCS100's copper tube has covered with isolation materials to isolate the damp in contact with the copper tube. And the DC Inverter compressor has build-in intelligent IC controller, it can adjust rotating speed according to CPU loading.

Technical Questions :

1. How much power the compressor consumes?

Ans. The compressor consumes 50 watts maximum.

2. Can the compressor operate normally in horizontal orientation?

Ans. No, while the compressor operates, put it down to horizontal orientation will damage its internal structure; the compressor should be always kept in vertical orientation while operates (i.e. Keep Xpressar™ RCS100 vertically while operates).

3. What kind of refrigerant does Xpressar™ RCS100 use?

Ans. The Xpressar™ RCS100 uses R134a refrigerant, it is industry standard and widely used in vehicles & household conditioning.

4. How do I choose my PSU for Xpressar™ RCS100?

Ans. The system build with Xpressar™ RCS100 need extra 100W of power consumption. Please use Thermaltake PSU calculator to find out the suitable PSU for your system. http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com

5. What kind of power connector does Xpressar™ RCS100 use?

Ans. The Xpressar™ RCS100’s input is DC 12V. It’s compatible with standard PSU 4 pin connector. Notice: Please do not connect any other device on the same cable which Xpressar™ RCS100 is using.

6. How long does Xpressar™ RCS100 starts to cool the system when it turns on?

Ans. Xpressar™ RCS100 needs five minutes to reach the maximum cooling capability after system start.

7. Will continues switch on/off damage the compressor?

Ans. Thermaltake recommends user to wait for 15 sec to restart their Xpressar™ RCS100 once they have shut down their system. However, soft-reset could be restart immediately cause compressor has not turn-off during soft-reset.

Install and Compatibility Questions :

1. Does Xpressar™ RCS100 support AMD platform?

Ans. At this stage, Xpressar™ RCS100 only support Intel platform. Thermaltake is developing AMD platform and is coming soon next year.

2. Does Xpressar™ RCS100 support Intel coming new LGA1366 platform?

Ans. Yes, Xpressar™ RCS100 series has LGA775/LGA1366 clip inside the package.

3. Is there any limitation for VGA card when installing into Xpressar™ RCS100?

Ans. Please check the compatibility guideline for detail information.

4. What kind of motherboard does Xpressar™ RCS100 support?

Ans. Xpressar™ RCS100 supports standard LGA775/LGA1366 motherboards. If the first PCI express slot is at the first slot on the motherboard, the VGA card can't be installed cause the interference of the copper tube. Please install the VGA on the second PCI express slot if the motherboard supports dual VGA. For detail information, please check the compatibility guideline.

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